#1 Rule

A couple of weeks ago I popped into a shop close to my workplace. I was mesmerized by the excellent service this little shop offered and could not understand why it was still so small and unpopular. I instantly became an advocate for the store and referred all my colleagues and friends to this little service orientated shop. I could not believe it when my colleagues came back to chirp me for sending them to such and unpleasant shop. They explained to me that the lady at the till was incredibly rude and showed little respect for her customers and that from the moment they walked in they felt suspicious eyes stalking them.
I later came to realize that when the shop owner is out, he tends to leave his sister in law to man (or women) the shop. Though he understands the importance of delivering excellent service, he failed to pass this message down to his “helper” who treated every creature moving as a suspect.

The lesson I came to learn out of this was that, my Managing Director was right when he said “Consistency is the #1 Rule”
Hence I urge everyone to be consistent in all we do. And should you ever find yourself working in a group, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This will prove to be an excellent team builder and may yield great rewards in future.

Lesson: Be consistent in all you do