4 Way Drama

Shortly after I got onto the taxi on my way to work, one of the taxi driver’s colleagues (fellow taxi driver) drives past and warns him of a road block at the four way ahead. Taxi driver deciding to avoid confrontation decides to take a detour route to cut out the four way drama. The detour took us about 15 min and only managed to get us about 400 meters away from the “four way drama”, the driver seeing that he’s still to close for comfort decided to take a quick left into a off road. We found ourselves popping up and down like popcorn due to the unevenness of the gravel road while at the same time turning left and right in an attempt to avoid shacks and bushes in pursuit of some form of road to take us to the main road. Eventually we ended up in front of a church building and discovered that the only route to get past it leads back to the four way drama. As the driver contemplated what to do next, a traffic officers pulls up next to us informing us that he spotted us when we took the first turn and followed us.
Within 3min after being pulled off the driver was back on the road and off we went. As it turns out the road block was merely for checking license disc. We all started to laugh as we realised the irony of the situation seeing that he drove a new Toyota Quantum.

Life’s Good Moment
Many times we spend so much time and resources trying to avoid certain situations that we fail to realise that maybe, just maybe it would not be such a bad thing to allow it to happen. We decide early on that no good can come of it and take tough, uneven and dangerous routes to avoid it that we fail to realize that we have nothing to worry about. These off roads we take, many times rob us of the pleasant even roads we could have travelled that would have helped us to reach our destination faster and in a better condition. Today, let us analyse the situation objectively before we decide on the solution, might save you a lot of trouble. Life’s Good