5 Hour Splint

Back in primary school one morning I recall sliding through a wooden seat and immediately feeling a rush of pain just racing through me. Too afraid for what the cause could be I reasoned that it will go away by itself. I can still recall how I went that whole day just wishing I could get home so that my mom could investigate. I remember feeling too embarrassed to tell anyone or ask anyone for help. I tried in vain to forget about the pain because with every movement I made it reassured me of its presence.
Eventually school came out and I found myself rushing home to get the wound checked out. Upon arriving at home I ran to my room, dropped my school bag, positioned myself in front of the mirror and took my pants off. I almost immediately noticed the cause of 5 hours pain. It was a splint of wood that managed to edge itself into my behind. I could not believe that such a little piece of splint could cause so much discomfort, and I was even more furious at myself for not having the guts to check it out earlier.

Life’s Good Moment
Many times the little things in life cause us so much discomfort and pain that we end up wishing life away. We allow a spilt cup of coffee, 5 min extra in traffic, taxi, neighbours dog, etc in the morning to dictate our entire day. Yes all the above are good enough reason to be upset, but does it really justify upsetting +/- 10 other individuals. You decide. Life’s Good.