5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Own Business

elgee davies

Disclaimer: starting a Business is not for everyone; but I highly recommend that those feeling the urge to do so, just take a leap and dip their toes in. Even if just as a part-time side hustle.

That being said, let us jump straight in and see if we can settle your nerves, relay your fears, and put your mind at ease as you entertain the idea of starting your very own business.

1. The Time is Now
There is no time like the present. The whole world has been dealing with various changes, restrictions, and limitations as countries fight against the coronavirus. Simply put, there is no better time like the present to launch your idea. Your potential clients are itching to buy what you have to offer; so go on, take their money. (But obviously, add value whole doing it.)

2.It’s Easier Than You Think
There is still a lot of fear, misunderstanding, myths, and uncertainty around the topic of starting a business. Granted, a lot of content and material has been dedicated to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs and future business owners with getting started.

The simple truth is, getting your idea off the ground is a lot easier than you think. And there are a number of ways to go about launching your product, brand, or service business. With dozens of platforms geared towards assisting you with going to market.

3. You Have What It Takes
We live in a society overwhelmed by the sheer volume, ease, and accessibility of information. So much so, that it becomes a little too much to sort through and digest.

My suggestion would be to find 2-3 thought leaders (mentors, role models, or platforms) that you can relate to, and stick to their advice.

One can easily become discouraged when trying to measure up to the Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs out there. My advice on this would be to keep it simple, stay rational and realistic, and compete in your weight class.

4. Fast & Fragile. Slow & Steady
Once you have taken that leap of faith and you have gotten your feet wet, it becomes easy to want to venture out and slay giants. But before you head out on your quest to become the fairest in the land, remember to grow steadily and focus on stability.

Running your own business is more about building on a solid foundation than it is about maximizing short term income/revenue. my advice would be to play the short and long game simultaneously. Simply put, do what needs to be done to ensure short term profitability and growth; but balance it out with your long term vision and goals.

So when you start off, be clear on what your goal posts, checkpoints, and markers are. Having a clear understanding of the general direction and road you wish to journey will simplify the day-to-day challenges and decisions that you will be faced with.

5. One Step at a Time
Keep moving forward. Much like Johnny Walker, you will constantly need to remind yourself that you need to keep walking.

Resist the urge to quit when things get rough and obstacles come your way. But also remember to cut yourself some slack and understand that it is all about the journey…

Always keep growing and moving; one step; one milestone; one client; one mini-victory at a time. Because that is how greatness is achieved.

In closing, I want to challenge you to get up right now and take that first step towards getting started. It is in taking that first small step, that you start getting comfortable with moving.