Better to Give

As I got ready to wash the dishes, after a well prepared Sunday Luncg I noticed that the cloth was in dire need of some bleach. Thou it was not dirty; it was quite obvious that it lost the whiteness it once had. Unable to find another cloth, I used the one available and tackled the mountain of dishes. Whilst going through the never ending pile I noticed that the cloth that started out as one of those sepia colored photo’s got some of its lost whiteness back, as if it was the star of one of those dish washing ads. It pleaseantly reminded me of a the scripture that says:
“It’s better to give than to Receive”
Life’s Good moment
At times we may find that we are in need of a friend, hug, smile, shoulder, etc. It is in those times that it may profit us greatly to give someone that hug, smile or shoulder that we may be in need of. And who knows, like the cloth we may also find that our own whiteness returns while we are focusing on the needs of others. Life’s Good