Blame the Bank!!

On my way to work I had to make a stop at the ATM
However I struggled to make the withdrawal, the machine kept on showing me the same irritating massage.


I found this a bit odd since I’ve had the same PIN for years. I decided to try again and got the same message twice.
Then, the old human nature kicked in…
There must be something wrong with this ATM…
I should switch banks..
Our master mind criminals already made their way to this ATM
Relentlessly I decided to phone home and have my PIN verified. A complete waste of time as the PIN I punched in was correct all along.
I decided to try once more, I’m already late in any case.
Punched in the code…waited….then


At this time, my brother, who was with me the whole time observing, grabbed the card and decided to give it a go (by this time he knew my PIN almost as well as BAFANA BAFANA knows how it feels to loose) He tried, got the cash and walked off, leaving me confused as hell.

It is then that I realized,
Many times we spend so much time looking for the fault elsewhere, that we fail to realize that it may actually be with us. We fail to spend that energy on self evaluation or on the ironing out of our own short comings and mishaps. We waste precious time (sometimes even airtime) pointing out other people’s flaws, that we fail to realize our own.

The problem was not in the flawed business practices of the bank, or in the criminal activity in our country in my case. It was rather with me, and the rush I was in to get to work on time that I didn’t punch in the last digit of the PIN.

I couldn’t help to wonder how many times a missed the complete obvious, while practicing the art of blame shifting.
How many times I decided to ignore my own mistakes and flaws.

Let us stop shifting blame and start to own up to our “Declines”