Breath of Fresh Air

As the taxi traveled its usual route a guy signaled for it to stop during which he got in. As soon as the taxi took off a nasty smell filled the air and everyone flung open windows left, right and centre to get some fresh air in. All eyes were immediately fixed on the guy who just got in and people started pulling up there noses annoyed by the ghastly smell the guy brought with him. To everyone’s delight the guy decided to get off early, but as the taxi continued on its course, the smell still lingered.

Shortly after the “smelly guy” got off a lady got in, and understandably so complained about the nasty smell in the taxi. She turned to the “assistant” driver and demanded that he clean his shoes as he might have stepped in some dung. To everyone’s surprise the lady was right and the taxi stopped allowing the assistant to clean his shoes. The rest of the trip was a pleasant breath of fresh air.

Just because a situation looks clear cut, doesn’t mean it is.
Do ruin Life’s Good moments by being judgmental. Be a friend at all times and try to always give people the benefit of the doubt.