Bumper Cars

A Protest by traffic officers brought the entire city to a standstill yesterday, blocking off main roads around the city. With all the commotion it became evident that motorist would do whatever it takes to get to their destinations. This desperation saw many conveniently forgetting laws as they went about skipping red lights, driving on pavements, ignoring road signs and forgetting South Africa’s most important rule of the road namely KEEP LEFT AS FAR AS POSSIBLE AND PASS RIGHT ONLY WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO, ( I recently got my learners so bear with me)
As we came up to one of the city’s prime intersections we were greeted by a scene straight out of a War Movie, we found vehicles on sidewalks, drivers barking and swearing at each other while some just took the first available exit regardless of the fact that they will drive straight into oncoming traffic. Hand signals changed from the regular stop, turn slow down, etc to Middle fingers, Angry fists and deadly looks. I was speechless. I decided then and there that I will post something about it, but as i sat still to gather my thoughts, I could find no angle for a “LG Moment”. Not until I saw the headline in the paper this morning that is; TRAFFIC COP CHAOS it read
The article in the paper had an image of motorists getting out of their vehicles and working together to get the cars obstructing traffic out of the way. Completely different scene from what I saw on the other side of town on my way to work.

Life’s Good Moment
Yes life tends to throw all kinds of hurdles our way, these hurdles many times tend to cause all kinds of chaos in our lives, chaos that make us want to just scream, yell, swear, break the rules and drive down dangerous routes to get out of it. As I read the paper, I realized that I only saw the negative and on the other side of the city motorist worked together to get the cars out of the way, TOGETHER. Let us stop focusing and directing our attention to the chaos and start by looking at how we can work TOGETHER to sort it out. Life’s Good.