Business of Online

In bed, 23h45 at night, my wife turns to me and suggest we wake up in the morning and head to Johannesburg. Without any hesitation, I agree and the following morning around 9h00 we are packed and headed for the City of Gold.

On our way my wife books our accommodation at a venue she found via a google search, and around 20h00 that evening we arrived at our accommodation, settled, had supper and I hit the sack.

The following morning around 7h00 I awoke to my wife eagerly coming out of the shower armed with her smartphone and a familiar look of excitement. “These are the places I want to go visit and this is where I want to have breakfast, lunch, and supper”, she rattled off. Knowing my objections would be futile, I got out of bed and prepared myself for what lay ahead.


This was the start of an epic 6-day adventure in Gauteng that saw us scale the Orlando Towers, Conquer Gold Reef City, Walk Vilakazi Street, Visit the Botanical Gardens, venture Melrose Arch and take selfies along various iconic sites in both Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Despite the stereotypical view that driving in Johannesburg is no easy task, we managed to commute to and fro the City of Gold with relative ease. All while enjoying a variety of entertainment and food on offer.


While heading back, all tired and drained by the spontaneous trip, we both questioned why we never embarked on a similar adventure in our Friendly City in all our time as residents there. Our final conclusion was that despite the abundance of activities and establishment offering world class services and entertainment; the iconic Nelson Mandela Bay largely operated below the radar due her inability to establish a quality footprint online.


A whole week’s itinerary which took my wife all but 30mins to search, find and locate in Johannesburg; is completely unavailable in Port Elizabeth. Where an entire city has embraced the power of the internet and its ability to level the playing field between established brands and start-ups, Port Elizabeth still operates in her primitive space of relying on word of mouth and traditional print media to attract customers.


This way of thinking largely leads to a lack of innovation and vibrancy for brands and establishments which in turn leads to an extremely relaxed approach to business as a whole. The sluggish approach of businesses online footprint leads to a low demand for online application and activity which in turns leads to a lack of infrastructure and innovation. All which in turns become a breeding ground for outdated business practices and a lack of relevance and.

My Question to you is this; are you establishing your brand online?