School Fees Receipts – What I Learned

My earliest taste of business having started at the age of 9 when I started selling “Gaaring” (Nylon String) to kids in my area in order for them to fly there kites. A profitable business, but one that soon closed down when my leading supplier, my mother, realized that she was going through string faster than a newborn in diapers.

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PE, Poor Service – Same WhatsApp Goup?

Having walked into a well-established and respected restaurant with a footprint in Walmer, Stanley Street, and Summerstrand respectively. I have come to see a noticeable drop in their overall quality and standard of service since their humble yet blazing beginnings in the then newly renovated Parliament Street. It seemed that with each passing year, their requirements for staff (management and waiters alike) seem to decline as their brand grew. Mention needs to be made of a few staff members who really stand out, yet the overall quality of food, lack of attention to client needs, and general disregard for basic requests left much to be desired. Read more