Glass Houses

Ever sat in the back seat of a taxi… with two other people and even though four needs to fit in, its already a tight fit?

As I was sitting in the back seat of the taxi with two other guys, though not the skinniest of people, I knew that it’s not going to be the most comfortable of arrangements. Then a fairly well build individual got in and made up her mind to settle in the little open space in the taxi…, yes you guessed it, at the back seat. She steadily manoeuvred herself in the tight spot and with one little WIGGLE that sent a fleet of sighs ringing through the back, she was in. The entire 40min journey suddenly turned into a fierce prayer session for someone to decide to get out. Each time the taxi took a turn, we were reminded of the tight predicament in which we found ourselves. When one of the other guys got off, the lady politely whispered to me, “I don’t know why he didn’t sit in front, he should have known his too big to sit at the back”

The ordeal reminded me of an old saying that goes:
“People with glasshouses shouldn’t through stones

#1 Rule

A couple of weeks ago I popped into a shop close to my workplace. I was mesmerized by the excellent service this little shop offered and could not understand why it was still so small and unpopular. I instantly became an advocate for the store and referred all my colleagues and friends to this little service orientated shop. I could not believe it when my colleagues came back to chirp me for sending them to such and unpleasant shop. They explained to me that the lady at the till was incredibly rude and showed little respect for her customers and that from the moment they walked in they felt suspicious eyes stalking them.
I later came to realize that when the shop owner is out, he tends to leave his sister in law to man (or women) the shop. Though he understands the importance of delivering excellent service, he failed to pass this message down to his “helper” who treated every creature moving as a suspect.

The lesson I came to learn out of this was that, my Managing Director was right when he said “Consistency is the #1 Rule”
Hence I urge everyone to be consistent in all we do. And should you ever find yourself working in a group, to make sure that everyone is on the same page. This will prove to be an excellent team builder and may yield great rewards in future.

Lesson: Be consistent in all you do

To The ONES That Got Away

I spent the weekend fishing with some family members. We had all the ingredients that constitutes for a perfect fishing trip. We arrived early and got right to it. In the first half hour we pulled out 3 fish and 4 “other creatures” and the day seemed well setup for a fishing frenzy, but after that things just got quiet. I suspect that all the fish went to school, coz the next couple of hours where dead quiet. We left late the afternoon with only 3 fish, our fishing rods and sunburn.

I realized that many times in life we also gear ourselves for success early on. Everything just takes of at the beginning and it looks as if nothing can stop us. Then suddenly the tide changes and things just start to slow down. Relationships get tired, friendships don’t last, business is slow, etc this is just evidence that “everything in life has a season”. What may be so successful and glorious today, may not be so tomorrow, that is why when things are going well, we should not become arrogant and boastful, but we should remain humble and decide to build bridges. What ever season you find yourself in, remember that the tide continually changes. So be prepared and content either way. LG (life’s Good)