Challenge & Outcome

Two individuals living in the same community and and who have been friends for years both raised up enough capital to buy each of them brand new vehicles. They both decided to use the new vehicles as taxi’s and did so for 12 moths. On my way home from work I spotted both taxi’s standing side by side at an intersection . In my observation I noticed that even though both of these vehicles were manufactured by the same company in the same year and most probably came of the same assembly line, the one looks like a war veteran who fought in both World War i and ii whilst the other looks fairly new and well serviced. I found this to be a bit strange as both of these vehicles where exposed to relatively the same conditions and the same environment yet each of them managed to tell a completely different story.

Life’s Good moment.
It is not the situations you are exposed to or the conditions under which you have to survive that will determine who and what you become but rather how you respond to these conditions, situations or circumstance. Make the most of every situation and remember that “the only person who can diminish you, is you”