Clutter and Declutter

I have this nasty habit of allowing random junk to pile up in my desk drawers. This junk usually consist of telephone notes, memo’s, random cables, broken rulers, old key rings and just about anything that I belief could be of use somewhere along the way. The problem with this is that when I end up looking for something specific the likelihood that I’ll find it becomes strangely slim. The upbeat to it is that it usually gets me so irritated that I end up scrambling through the junk with a dustbin chucking away everything that I find useless at that specific moment.

Life’s Good Moment
We often fill our personal lives with unnecessary junk, junk that may present itself in the form of a hobby, friend, task or duty and though it has merit for being part of our lives, the extra weight it adds may prove to tip the scales unfavorably. The end results of this unnecessary “add ons” usually mean we feel depressed and burdened by it along with it soon the feeling that we have to do something drastic immediately. Why should we always wait for things to weighs us down completely before we do something about it? Would it not be easier to simply deal with stuff and sort them out before we allow them to fester and weight us down. If we do, I believe Life will indeed become and remain Good.

Elgee Davies
Life’s Good