Comfortably Discomfort


Winter has come! And with it, the chills of having to strip down into your birthday suit when going about getting rid of your foul bodily odours. I am of course referring to the chilly task of having to wash or shower ladies and gentlemen. Me being one that prefers a good shower over the act of sitting in ones own dirty water. Being fortunate to have a gas geyser with a nifty function of being able to increase the water temperature in one single twist, I cranked the water up to what my body would later mistakenly see as an attempted suicide (I actually had mini blisters from the boiling water). While proceeding to get rid of the aforementioned bodily odour, I may have topped the water up a few times and eventually just sat there enjoying the hot water in the now steamy bathroom. While enjoying my very own sauna, I eventually managed to stop myself from topping up the water, more out of fear of drowning than a concern for cost or water restrictions, I confess.


Eventually, I realized that the once warm and comforting water grew less and less pleasant the longer I sat in the now lukewarm soon to be a freezing bathtub. My warm sauna also deserted me soon after as it no longer offered the warm blanket it did a mere few seconds ago. Alas, I had to abandon my decaying comfort and get my day going. As soon as I opened the bathroom door, I was immediately hit with the full might of the ICE KING’s chilly breeze as the cold passage between our room and the bathroom seemed ever so long.



Life’s Good Moment.

Much like my warm bath, at times, we find ourselves enjoying the comfort and warmth of an activity, job, area or place. Like with my bath decision, it may very well even be that regardless of how comforting it is now, it may have been a prospect that once brought you much discomfort, sleepless nights and anxiety prior to taking it up. Though much respect and congratulations should be bestowed upon you for having made a success off; and for enjoying where you are at present. The question should always still be asked: Are you finding yourself at a place where it is still beneficial to you, or are you clinging on to something that you have outgrown/outlasted/outlived or ‘Out-used’? Is it perhaps time to move on?


Admittedly, moving on may not be as warm and comforting a prospect as staying in the bathtub. But ask yourself, what is best for you in the long run. Stay and freeze, or move while the water is still lukewarm. Discomfort is not always a bad thing. On a great number of occasions, discomfort have proven to be one of my greatest motivators and wisest teachers. So ask yourself, is it time to get out of the tub, or do you still have more heat to soak up?

Life’s Good..