Danger Zones

It is Monday Morning, at work, aircon not working so lekka, a bit cold. This wouldn’t have happened if I remembered to take my favorite jersey (it miraculously always warms me) yesterday at my friends place…. What happens is, I hang the jersey over the chair Sunday early morning (past 2)…..telling myself “Your going to forget this jersey here, put it in your bag already”….. Off course, I don’t listen to myself and go ahead…..hanging the jersey. And viola! It happens exactly the way I thought it would.

Life’s Good Moment
At times, we see ourselves entering danger zones, WE SEE we are about to make the same mistakes again, yet we ignore all the signs, red lights and sirens and still continue. Sometimes, it is too late and then we end up in a pit of heartache asking so many questions who’s answers just seem to have disappeared of the face of the earth. It is rarely where one wakes up and change direction. Eyes, instinct and sound mindedness is there to warn us of these kinds of things. It is then that we should remember that we have been given free-will and it is our choice as to how we utilize it. Life’s good

Miss N
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