Fast & Fragile, Slow & Stable

I remember coming from school one day extremely hungry but also being in such a hurry to go play with my friends that I could not waste too much time eating. In my attempt to save time I popped an egg in a saucer and placed it in my grandmother’s brand new microwave. I reasoned that it would be much faster than making it in the pan on the stove waiting for oil to heat and then having to still clean the pan. I turned the heat to maximum and set the time for 20 min reasoning that the higher the time, the quicker it will be. I rushed to my room to get out of my school uniform and got distracted by the TV. I eventually returned to the kitchen to find a little fire in the middle of the microwave where minutes ago I placed an egg. It took me 45minutes to clean the microwave and get the smell out of the house, which resulted in me missing out on precious playtime and not to mention having to still make something to eat.

Life’s Good moment.
As the saying goes: Fast and Fragile, Slow and Stable
The experienced taught me that many times in our attempt to speed things up we actually end up making a complete mess of it. Instead of rushing to get something done, let us take our time with it and make sure we get it right the first time. Yes we will make mistakes along the way and it may even take us longer to complete the task, but rest assured that it will have been done properly. Life’s Good.