From Me for Me by Me

Sometimes, life will not work out the way you planned. Sometimes things will not pan out the way you envisioned. More often than not, things will work out a little different than what you had in mind. It is in those times, that you will come to grips with the irrefutable evidence that this “ish” is not scripted.

A letter from Me to Me for Me

Dear Elgee

Dear Elgee, despite your good plans, wonderful dreams and ideas, and insanely dedicated support group. There will be times where you will mess up, feel down, get depressed, stressed and a bit obsessed. However, it is in these low periods that your character will be built. It is during these desperate, back-against-the-wall, now-way-out episodes that you learn to fly. And nope, there is no instruction manual. No step by step guide or 10 point article that will be able to get you out of that situation.
Friends, yeah they can help and give guidance. Family, yeah, they will offer you a shoulder to cry on and “I told you so’” to fry in. But ultimately, the decision and future rest squarely upon you. Will you look around and wait for the ever on-his-way miracle to show up. Or will you suck it up, press forward and make the damn hard decisions that need to be made.


More often than not, whatever answer or solution you are need of, you already stumbled upon. You just did not recognize it yet. Can I tell you a little secret Elgee… this life that you live, it actually all ends up making sense… eventually.  The same way water can run down a stream and form a trial, ultimately, where it ends up depends on how well it maneuvers around the obstacles it comes across while on its journey. In this journey to who knows where you will encounter a number of obstacles. Some big, some minor. Some you will carry with you, others will you hold you up until you have summed up enough support to push through or around it. While you are busy finding your way, keep in mind this simple fact. The strength and ferocity of your journey will ultimately determine if you left a river, stream or trickle in your wake.


In closing Elgee, I want you to remember this simple fact.

Your journey is yours, your pain is yours, and your gain is yours. Yes, you may share it with others and they too will share in the joy or sorrow. As comforting as that may end up being in that moment, the fact will always still remain. That this journey is yours, wherever you may find yourself, where ever you may be headed. Good or bad, it’s all up to you. And what you make of it.


With you always,