GFA – Glass is Full Approach

After spending years in the background, shy to be introduced out of fear that people will mock my name; my life literally did a full 360 degrees when I started to embrace my name. The simple switch from ‘dreading the inevitable introduce yourself to the crowd’ at youth gatherings and social settings; to ‘I can’t wait for my turn’ changed my life.

I was left amazed when people started viewing me as the confident one in groups, the obvious leader when it came to presentations and activities. My time in the background became a distant memory as I started to enjoy the center stage more. Despite the fact that I practically migrated from introvert to extrovert overnight, I did not even notice it. Friends and family would comment on how much I have changed, yet it felt all natural to me.


Embracing my name and its “life’s good” meaning brought with it an approach to life that spilled over to every aspect of my being. I dubbed it the Glass is Full Approach and I soon coined the find the Life’s Good Moment in my earlier blog posts as I went about life. This simply entailed looking for the positives in all situations. Every situation, obstacle, trial or tragedy has a silver lining. Nothing is all bad, and nothing is all good. It all just depends on what we tend to focus on that ultimately influences what we see and fee. The same way Rorschach tests are used for psychological evaluations, our approach to life, trials, challenges, and opportunities can be analyzed to gauge our quality of life.


Life’s Good Moment

How you view life and all it has to offer ultimately influences how you respond to situations that come your way. Challenges, regardless of how emotionally strenuous or physically exhausting, does not have the power in itself to change our moods or feelings. It is how we receive them and decide the response to it that ultimately shapes our life.