Hawaiian Beauties

My first day starting at Black Scheepe Communications, I walked into the yard and was greeted by 2 ugly looking trees that, in my opinion were only good for creating more work for the poor gardener. Not long after I started we planned some office renovations, however these renovations required us to cut down the two “ugly trees”. Everyone was so pleased that the trees would have to go that we arrogantly believed it would be a mere formality. Everyone but our MD who blatantly refused arguing that the trees were 100 year old Hawaiian trees, and have been around long before any of our parents, for some even grand parents where around. Need I say that he made the final ruling and the ugly trees survived.
Coming back from holiday, I noticed the two big trees in the front. All full of leaves and strangely enough even had some beautiful flowers on them. The kind of flowers guests receive upon arrival in Hawaii. Arriving at the office everyone was all impressed with the BEAUTIFULL trees that few remembered that they wanted them to be cut off a few months ago.

Life’s Good moment
As per usual it got me thinking. Many times we tend to judge based on what we see at that particular time. We fail to bare in mind that everything has a season and therefore last for only but a season. Let us try to look past the present and take time to see beyond the now. We may be pleasantly surprised at the results that time and patience may yeild. I will repeat, LET US NOT BE QUICK TO JUDGE. Life’s Good everyone.