Hide n Seek

I recently stumbled upon an article in the paper of a company in need of a new marketing and communications strategy. I excitedly scrapped through bits and pieces of information in my quest to compile a case for when I go up against my boss in an attempt to convince him to agree to us submitting a proposal. I assured him that I would have a killer proposal on his desk within 10days and as luck would have it, he agreed. I was out of the starting blocks in a hurry, eager to begin. My burst of energy and enthusiasm proved to be short lived when I soon ran into some difficulties with the deadline approaching fast while ideas on the other hand seemed as scarce as rain in the Eastern Cape. Three days before my deadline I found myself with nothing more then a couple of notes, stacks of information, a headache and a fast approaching deadline. I soon realised that I only have 2 options available to me… a. Quit the whole thing and risk damaging my reputation, or b. Pray for a miracle…. The following day at work my boss comes up to me and says, “LG, how about we skip the proposal, I can see it’s weighing you down” He looked at me, finished his cigarette, smiled and walked off. I found myself standing there thinking to myself; he really thinks I won’t be able to pull it off. To cut the long stressful story short, I finished the proposal, meeting my deadline by a few minutes, and learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Life’s Good Moment

Life has a funny way of giving us exactly what we need at exactly the right time but never in the way that we expect it. We may be looking for friendship, but will only find someone in need of a lift. We may be in need of a car, but will only receive the entry form to a competition. You may need to loose some weight, but will get a promotion and find that you have to walk up 163 steps a day to get to your office. As with me, I asked for an opportunity to prove myself and got awarded a test to persevere and endure. What ever you may be in need of, be sure to look around because chances are that you already have it, you just haven’t noticed it yet. Life’s Good

Elgee Graham Davies