Just Do It

” The week is still young and the newsletter is only due on Monday afternoon.”
With these words I shut down my computer on Thursday afternoon in anticipation of my Cape Town trip. I still saw the last email come through as I was busy shutting down.
On our way back from Cape Town our superior informed us that because we have been working so hard the past few weeks they decided to give us the day off on Monday to rest. Snap i thought, well Tuesday probably won’t be so bad to send out the Newsletter.
As per usual I arrived at work, switched on my PC and went to get some coffee. Upon returning to my post I was greeted with a blank screen with the words “No signal” popping up at random. I was later informed by our IT guy that my Cindy(my computer) passed on to IT heaven and took all my data with her for the ride.

Life’s Good moment.

The Afrikaans saying goes: “Van uitstel kom afstel” – direct translation: “Postponing leads to canceling”.
What ever you can do today, do it today because we do not know what tomorrow may have in store for us. Each day has its own challenges so try to finish as much as possible today regardless of how petty and insignificant it may seem. as Nike so accurately puts it, “JUST Do IT”. Life has a tendency to throw curve balls at random and at times in quick succession, try to always be ready for them by always being one step ahead, Life can only be Good once you do.

Life’s Good