Keep The Change

“Hey, I’m still waiting for my change!”
According to my friend, this is the words echoed every morning on his way to work in the taxi. He explains that every morning the taxi’s struggle with change for its passengers. This left me with the question, who is to blame? I mean, every passenger knows, before they get into the taxi, that they will need x amount of money to get from A to B, should it not be up to them to make sure that they have just enough change to be able to pay, Or does the responsibility for making sure that there is always change rest squarely on the shoulders of the taxi driver and his assistant?

This kind of behaviour spills over into all areas of our lives. In stead of making the necessary arrangements to ensure we are prepared for what lies ahead, we tend to shift the responsibility to someone else. Be it government, spouse, friend, colleague, etc we always try to wash our hands clean.
Let us become proactive and take the lead. If each one of us would decide today to take the responsibility upon ourselves to be the difference, or even the ONE people can turn to, the day, the week, the month, the year and eventually Life in its entirety would be so much better. LIFE would truly be GOOD.