Kick, If That Is Your Game-Plan

photo cred: supersport

Reading all the positive posts regarding the Springboks and particularly the performance of the boys in the final leaves me a little encouraged. It was less than 7 days ago that the entire Springbok team, and particular, Faf de Klerk was criticized for their game tactics and excessive kicking. To the amusement of many of us, the memes and jokes circulated across social media. Today, we salute the coaching staff, team, and in particular, Faf de Klerk for a job well done.

Lesson: Do you!; always. Many will try and tell you how to go about your business; my advice is this. Formulate a game plan for your life, commit to it, and follow through regardless of the voices and criticism.

Side note: do not be afraid to make changes to your modus operandi when you feel it is necessary, but do not allow voices to influence those changes. Keep them guessing.