Left Right


Having been invited as guest speaker at a youth event last week I found myself having to prepare a talk on one of my much loved topics, decisions. It was only when I started preparing that I came to realized that at times Life is not always Good and it’s not always that easy to choose.
For instance:
One of our Directors walks up to me and tells me that he does not like my new concept. Immediately I am faced with a decision:
1. Try to persuade him to see my point of view or
2. Take what he says as gospel and start afresh.
Having thought about my options I realized that without even consciously choosing between option 1 and 2, that I already chose option
3. Get mad at him for shooting down an idea he hasn’t even fully grasped.
Life’s Good Moment
Daily we are faced with decisions regardless of whether or not we decide we make them. Be it consciously or subconsciously, truth remains we do choose. The difficulty then lies not in the deciding but rather in knowing whether or not you have just made a choice.