Life’s Steering Wheels

Having recently obtained my learners license, I began my first couple of driving lessons. In my first class my instructor did a run through of the different “gadgets” in the car and each ones function. Though I thought it a waste of time and money I actively listened. He came to the steering wheel and informed me that it is meant to “STEER” the car in the desired direction. And while rambling on and on he actually mentioned something I never thought of, “the car will always move in the direction you maneuver it to go…” He went on saying that the reason why certain drivers swerve from to side to side is because they tend to fight with the steering wheel and “over steer” or others simply let go of the wheel and allow the car to find its own way into a pole or wall. As you know by now, that brought about an LG Moment, so here goes.

Life’s Good Moments

Many times it may seem that life around is falling apart and everything is going haywire. It may seem like we are heading off a cliff or the road we are traveling on is ending. We may find that we are heading over obstacles and come across some bumpy patches that may be extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient. This is the time when we need to slam on the brakes and check if we still have the steering wheel in our hands. Let us always know where we are heading and keep our eyes wide open and our hands on the wheel to ensure we stay in the road and on track to reaching our desired destinations safely and in time. If we do, life can only be Good.