Mind in Gear

Having gone to the traffic department yet again in an attempt to obtain my driver’s license, circumstances seem to have been strangely different then compared to my first attempt. I recall having been so confident the first time around that I never even once considered the possibility that I would fail. Needless to say how that turned out. The second time around though, after having completely bombed out during my final lesson, the pressure to get it right was mounted like a 3 ton truck on my shoulders and all of a sudden life seemed to be the complete opposite of good.
I woke up the morning before my test and I made a conscious decision not to allow anything to get me down on the day. With that mindset, I set out to do my final run-through before I head off to the department. Surprisingly and to the total amazement of my instructor, I had a flawless run. My instructor was completely caught by surprise and to a certain extent speechless. We finished up and off I went to take the test at the Traffic Department. Hopes up and ready for anything.

Life’s Good Moment
Many a time it appears like nothing seems to be going our way. Everything and everyone seems to get on our wrong side and effects seem to work a little harder than usual to get us down. It is said that the mind is a powerful thing, and to a certain extent we all believe that. However, it is only once we put it to the test that we really seem to grasp just how powerful it is. Hence, regardless of how hopeless and bleak things may seem, I can guarantee you that if you make a conscious decision not to allow it to get you down… things may just fall into place perfectly for you.

Life’s Good,
Elgee Davies