Mission Possible

Ever heard the saying: “Be careful what you wish for…” deny it if you want but of course you have. I recently found myself unhappy at my workplace because amongst other things, I felt I wasn’t getting enough work to keep me busy. Crazy as it sounds, that was my primary reason. The company recently underwent some major restructuring and sadly some departments had to close down. Delighted as I felt for the new workload to be thrown my way, I was torn up for both the department cut as well as the employees that went with it. Not allowing it to get me down I soon found my way in the new company and with all the commotion, I soon had mountains of deadlines to meet, deadlines that made Mission Impossible seem all too Possible.
Amidst the rush and buzz to get everything done, the workload started to take its toll on my body and soon I had a neck as stiff as an oak tree. Upon my regular analysis of where I find myself in life I realized that I am still not enjoying my work. Why? Well, too much work, impossible deadlines and too little time with family, friends and my girlfriend. Well what do you know, still unhappy even though now I’am in the opposite situation as when I first felt that way. Funny, well I thought so.

Life’s Good Moment
In life we will always have demands, wishes, desires and needs that we think will make us HAPPY. Most of these longings will be met, while others will be substituted for new ones. Question is; will our happiness still depend on it. Amidst the hustle and bustle I was reminded of my old motto; “Do what you love, and you will love what you do”. Many times our happiness is not depended on that car, house, partner, holiday or perfect job we want, but rather on our frame of mind. If we learn to appreciate where we are and what we have, or at least learn to make the most of it I can promise you that Life will truly be Good. Regards,

Life’s Good