Mr Spur of The Moment (Last Minute Man)

Everyone who knows me will be able to attest to the fact that I am a spur of the moment, live life a quarter-mile at a time, last minute man. I have built up a rather bad name for being the reliable last minute entry when it comes to getting things done. Believe me, this is in no way a brag or attempt to even make it seem as if I condone my bad habits. I am fully aware of how destructive and unprofessional my behavior can be, and quite frankly, has been in the past. However, the catch 22 I am finding myself in is this.

Every time I leave things for the last minute, I go into this creative-productive zone where I manage to get through an insane amount of work in record time. And the real kicker is that the quality of the work I get done during this rush is always of the highest grade. Now, on a professional level, this has always led me to always rely on this last minute ‘fight or flight’ instinct to pull a rabbit out of the hat and deliver in the dying minutes. However, in my personal life, this has come to spell major problems between me and the Mrs.

A quick back story and about the Mrs. is that she is a very straight forward, easy going, straight to the point, passionate, loving creature that is all about the simple things. She does not particularly like expensive gifts and she is not a very splashy bling bling kind of person. In fact, she is by far the easiest person to buy a gift for in my circle of friends and family. Her level of appreciation for a gift is measured on 2 very simple criteria. a) How much thought has gone into acquiring the gift; b) How much time was invested in creating or sourcing the gift. Simple and easy right… Yes, sure. But definitely not the standards that would win a; last minute, spur of the moment, a quarter mile at a time, kinda guy, like myself, any brownie points.


Well, my fortunes surely changed this time around as I just got off the travelstart website and managed to book a nice getaway spot for me and the Mrs. Best of all, the booking was made for our anniversary, which is in December 2019. So if I can definitely mark this one off as a huge win based on above-mentioned criteria… a) a lot of thought went into the destination (more details on that later); b) I spent a lot of time searching for the correct site and platform to use. So the fact that this site makes it easy should not disqualify me… I hope.


I don’t usually do any reviews and whatnots, but you might wanna check them out, they actually do have some awesome deals on flights, accommodation, and car rentals. So you can literally book it all using their site. Check out the link to their site below.

TravelStart –


Life’s Good Guys, keep growing.