My Days Here

The remainder of my days on earth…
I will not be limited by resources.
I will be free to be free and unchained.
I will not be governed by what I cannot do but rather by what I can.
My actions will always be in the best interest of God, my family, myself and friends.
In all things, will always learn to respect others.
In all I do, I will seek to be kind, gentle, honest and genuine.
When I am gone, I will be remembered as a man among men.
A Man who made other men great
I will be remembered as one who lived in unity with others.
A person whom gave more than he got,
And offered more then he received.
I will need to have lived a free life
Free of any regret, hurt, shame or fear
A life free of ill, lack and why’s.
My time will be invested in Pureness and Virtuous
My hours spent Refining and Enhancing
My days spent Increasing yet Generous
My nights spent Resting in Peace
I will be remembered as


The man who lived a complete life.