No Island

Two taxis’ both traveling to Town drove behind each other. Before long the 2nd taxi was full and soon passed the other. Upon passing I noticed that the other taxi was still relatively empty. I could not really understand how this was possible seeing that it drove in front of the now full one for most of the way. Seeing that it was during the early morning hours the majority of the passengers got on along the way, the same way the other taxi also traveled. Upon passing I came to notice that while the now full taxi had a very hyperactive “garchie” (the drivers’ assistant responsible for finding passengers and collecting the taxi fare) the other driver had no one assisting him. 
Life’s Good Moment
Many times we travel through life feeling that we are not benefitting from the abundance of resources, materials and joy life has to offer. The same way the one taxi driver was first in line and in all right had to be the first one full, it was not the case. Many times we think that we can go through life independently. We feel that we do not need the assistance of others because we can do it all by ourselves. Truth be told, without a hyperactive “garchie”/ friends traveling with us, the journey will be a long and lonely one filled with empty seats. However, with the right help, we can fill our vehicle of life with the right people that will make the journey all worthwhile. Life’s Good.

Life’s Good
Elgee Davies