Smell The Roses

As has become a custom for the last couple of months, I have taken up running. I decided that at least once a week I would jog a minimum of 6km. In the beginning it was fairly difficult, but I quickly got use to it and over time started to run for time, ( 6.5km in 14min 20sec. is still my personal best). I use to get this incredible feeling of satisfaction every time I would shave a couple of minutes of my previous best time regardless of how tired I would be at the end of the run. At times I would be so tired that I would not feel like doing anything else besides lazing on the couch to rest.

I set off on my routinely jog on Monday and forgot to check the time so I decided to take it easy and just enjoy the exercise. I was surprised to notice the different shops, houses and cars on the way and could not believe that I never saw any of them. I even saw some beautiful female creatures, creatures I never noticed in all the months I was running the route. Is I got home after running 2 extra km, I found that I was not as tired as usual and I really enjoyed the run.

Life’s Good moment.
The experience reminded me of the saying, “Stop and smell the roses”
So if you trudging around daily with the sole purpose of simply surviving each day I challenge you to stop, and appreciate what you have around you. Who knows, you might discover that life is good after all.

Perfect Gentleman

I was patiently waiting my turn to get my work printed when an elderly gentleman walked in. Seeing that he looks in a hurry, I suggested that the lady print his work before me. His work was finished and he left. My turn came to print and all hell broke loose. First the computer just decided to freeze. When it eventually started working again a message popped up and announced:

After a great deal of struggle it was discovered that the elderly gentlemen had a virus on his flash and it was the reason for all the havoc. I could not print my work hence I could not get the work to our client today and therefore my boss is livid. On my way back to the office it hit me.
If I didn’t let the elderly gentlemen do his work first, I would have finished my work, my client would have been happy, my boss would have been impressed and I would have felt good. Now, my client is getting impatient, my boss is livid and I feel terrible. This leaves me with the question, What if I didn’t let the guy go first. What if I didn’t decide to use a new printing company?

Well, I guess we will never know. But what I do know is that, if I didn’t let the guy go first or if I used our regular printing company, I would not have had the opportunity to meet someone new. I would not have had the opportunity to restore the elderly gentleman’s’ faith in the “youth of today” and most importantly, I would not have had the opportunity to meet LISA.

So would I do things differently if I had the opportunity to?
Most definitely Yes!,
but I’m mighty glad of the fact that I will never get the opportunity to do it differently thou.

Look at the Pro’s instead of the Con’s please people.
Life’s Good

Breath of Fresh Air

As the taxi traveled its usual route a guy signaled for it to stop during which he got in. As soon as the taxi took off a nasty smell filled the air and everyone flung open windows left, right and centre to get some fresh air in. All eyes were immediately fixed on the guy who just got in and people started pulling up there noses annoyed by the ghastly smell the guy brought with him. To everyone’s delight the guy decided to get off early, but as the taxi continued on its course, the smell still lingered.

Shortly after the “smelly guy” got off a lady got in, and understandably so complained about the nasty smell in the taxi. She turned to the “assistant” driver and demanded that he clean his shoes as he might have stepped in some dung. To everyone’s surprise the lady was right and the taxi stopped allowing the assistant to clean his shoes. The rest of the trip was a pleasant breath of fresh air.

Just because a situation looks clear cut, doesn’t mean it is.
Do ruin Life’s Good moments by being judgmental. Be a friend at all times and try to always give people the benefit of the doubt.

Glass Houses

Ever sat in the back seat of a taxi… with two other people and even though four needs to fit in, its already a tight fit?

As I was sitting in the back seat of the taxi with two other guys, though not the skinniest of people, I knew that it’s not going to be the most comfortable of arrangements. Then a fairly well build individual got in and made up her mind to settle in the little open space in the taxi…, yes you guessed it, at the back seat. She steadily manoeuvred herself in the tight spot and with one little WIGGLE that sent a fleet of sighs ringing through the back, she was in. The entire 40min journey suddenly turned into a fierce prayer session for someone to decide to get out. Each time the taxi took a turn, we were reminded of the tight predicament in which we found ourselves. When one of the other guys got off, the lady politely whispered to me, “I don’t know why he didn’t sit in front, he should have known his too big to sit at the back”

The ordeal reminded me of an old saying that goes:
“People with glasshouses shouldn’t through stones