Mr Spur of The Moment (Last Minute Man)

Everyone who knows me will be able to attest to the fact that I am a spur of the moment, live life a quarter-mile at a time, last minute man. I have built up a rather bad name for being the reliable last minute entry when it comes to getting things done. Believe me, this is in no way a brag or attempt to even make it seem as if I condone my bad habits. I am fully aware of how destructive and unprofessional my behavior can be, and quite frankly, has been in the past. However, the catch 22 I am finding myself in is this. Read more

Playground Politics in the Real World

Google’s Blacklisting of Huawei and the subsequent withdrawal of their license is basically the equivalent of the spiteful kid who takes his ball if the other kids are too good at playing with it.
On Monday 20 May 2019, Google announced that it has withdrawn Huawei’s rights to make use of its platform and will no longer grant access to Huawei devices on their network. On the surface, this has major impacts for Huawei as a whole, but even greater loss for South Africans, but if one had to keep an open mind and dive deeper into this, it could actually spell the dawning of a new era.
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Politics is Dead – Gimme What I Want

The recent elections and deafening voice of sheer disappointment by the general public regarding their dissatisfaction with the available political options proved that age-old politics have somewhat run its course. If I may spend some time interpreting the recent chaos that was the 2019 Elections, I would start by calling it a huge swing and a miss by opposition parties as a whole. Read more

Comfortably Discomfort


Winter has come! And with it, the chills of having to strip down into your birthday suit when going about getting rid of your foul bodily odours. I am of course referring to the chilly task of having to wash or shower ladies and gentlemen. Me being one that prefers a good shower over the act of sitting in ones own dirty water.  Read more