Pants Down

On my way home after a long day, I walked up the street only to find a women knocking fiercely on a door ranting and raving while going at it. As every knock grew louder and more intense, so also her screaming and with that also my curiosity. When I came close enough to make heads and tail of what it is she was going on about it became clear to me that she lived there and that either her son or possibly her husband was in the house and for some strange reason refused to open the door. With that I also remembered walking past and greeting the women as she came from work a number of times before, usually around 6 or 7 and today she most probably came slightly earlier hence caught the male inside off guard. I calmly walked past pretending to be unphased by the commotion and occasionally looked back and upon one of my look backs I saw a women jumping out the back window while the women in front was still knocking away.

Life’s Good moment
Life has a tendency to catch us off guard at times, we may put measures in place and try to protect us against these curve balls but sooner or later we all will be caught with our pants down. Best thing to do when it does will be to take the lesson offered and build on it. Mistakes earn us experience that brings knowledge and Knowledge is Power. Remember Life’s Good