Perfect Gentleman

I was patiently waiting my turn to get my work printed when an elderly gentleman walked in. Seeing that he looks in a hurry, I suggested that the lady print his work before me. His work was finished and he left. My turn came to print and all hell broke loose. First the computer just decided to freeze. When it eventually started working again a message popped up and announced:

After a great deal of struggle it was discovered that the elderly gentlemen had a virus on his flash and it was the reason for all the havoc. I could not print my work hence I could not get the work to our client today and therefore my boss is livid. On my way back to the office it hit me.
If I didn’t let the elderly gentlemen do his work first, I would have finished my work, my client would have been happy, my boss would have been impressed and I would have felt good. Now, my client is getting impatient, my boss is livid and I feel terrible. This leaves me with the question, What if I didn’t let the guy go first. What if I didn’t decide to use a new printing company?

Well, I guess we will never know. But what I do know is that, if I didn’t let the guy go first or if I used our regular printing company, I would not have had the opportunity to meet someone new. I would not have had the opportunity to restore the elderly gentleman’s’ faith in the “youth of today” and most importantly, I would not have had the opportunity to meet LISA.

So would I do things differently if I had the opportunity to?
Most definitely Yes!,
but I’m mighty glad of the fact that I will never get the opportunity to do it differently thou.

Look at the Pro’s instead of the Con’s please people.
Life’s Good