Room for Error

On Friday afternoon I found myself planning my weekend.
Friday evening out with friends,
Saturday morning hit the mall,
visit the family and then,
off to spend the remainder of the day with my lovely girlfriend.
Sunday morning hook up with friends that will only be in town for the week and spend the day with them.
Sunday evening shoot through to the fan park and watch the 2010 Fifa World Cup final.

In my eyes, this was the perfect Weekend! Sunday evening when I went through my notebook I came across the document on which I planned my weekend and to my amazement, I found that I did not do a single thing on the list. How could this be, the perfect weekend and it did not go as plan. Why you may ask, well it’s quite simple. I based my planning on the best case scenario and left little room for the unexpected.

Life’s Good Moment
Many times we set goals, dream and work towards what it is we wish to achieve. We map out our lives and pin point our ideal location and work out how long it will take us to get there. Incalculable books and several authors and speakers will testify that this is the way to go if you want to achieve results. And to be honest, I agree with them. However though, I came to realize that in planning our ideals, we at times fail to make room for the negative, unexpected and unthinkable. We base our projections on the best case scenario and when things go wrong it leaves us stunned, disappointed and disillusioned. The saying goes; “Expect the best but plan for the worst”, a controversial saying that I think is oh so fitting. Let us try it and see if Life’s Good.

Elgee Davies
Life’s Good

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Life’s Good