Snooze Button Trap

I once again fell prey to the Snooze Button trap and as a result I overslept. In an attempt to make up for lost time, I decided that instead of doing the routine cleaning of my contact lenses before popping them in to just take them out of the casing and plug away. Figured it would save me at least 10mins. Sounded like a very good idea at the time. Needless to say, I soon realized that there is only so much blinking a person can do in hope that nature will clean these artificial eyes. I soon had to take them out and do the necessary cleaning. It took me about 15mins to clean the lenses properly, this being now on top of the previous couple of minutes it took me to put it them in, in the first place. Well, after cleaning them properly I was once again able to sing “I can see clearly now…”

Life’s Good Moment

At times, in our attempt to speed things up we end up making matters worse.
We tend to neglect the important things in life in an attempt to save a few futile minutes but so often fail to think of the long term effects of our actions. The challenge is to try and do things properly and efficiently the first time round and who knows, we may end up really saving in the long run. As the saying goes: Slow and stable, fast and fragile. Try it and who knows… Life’s Good.

Life’s Good