Spice of Life

On my way back from my regular 6km jog I ran into a friend standing at the buss stop about 1.5km away from my house. I ran up to him and while jogging on one place we started chatting as he mocked my attempt at going nowhere slowly. We spoke about this that and the other and upon me asking him where he was off to, he quite calmly told me, HOME. I found this a bit shocking considering the fact that we lived a few blocks away from each other, not to mention the fact that the time he spend waiting for the bus would have seen him halfway home should he have started walking. When I pointed it out to him he shrugged it off saying that it is not safe to walk. Not feeling in the mood to get into the safety risks of buses vs walking I decided to say my goodbyes and be on my way.

Shortly after we parted ways his bus, with him inside, drove past and stopped in front of me with him getting off. He then got out still having to walk from the bus stop to his house(approximately 500m). As I ran past him it hit me that not only did he waste money having to pay for the ride, he wasted his time and robbed himself of some exercise. In the words of one of the most successful campaigns ever run by a SP in South Africa, I wish to say, NOT AYOBA!!!!

Life’s Good Moment
Many times in life we do things a set way just because we have always been doing it that way. We walk the same way home, take the same bus, watch the same tv shows, talk to the same people, etc getting stuck in a boring routine that may rob you off Life. I wish to challenge you to identify at least one of these and see if you can’t do it differently, at least just once. If anything, the least you will gain from it would be a new experience, and does the saying not go that “variety is the spice of life”. So go on Spice things up, and ensure Life’s Good.