Tennis With Manners

In my attempt to clear my mind I found myself sitting in the Park opposite some tennis courts, as I sat starring in the distance I noticed in front of me at the courts four elderly ladies where playing a game of doubles. I soon found myself become their number one spectator and noticed that all of the ladies must be at least 60 or 70. As the game progressed it came quite obvious to me that based on the manner in which they played that they most probably have been playing for quite a number of years.

As I observed the four going at it I noticed the one team kept on hitting the ball into the net. This happened continuously until the one lady got so fed-up that she started swearing at the net for constantly being in the way. As a well brought up tennis net, it just hanged without back chatting at the old lady. As the game progressed I noticed that the lady that kept on hitting the ball into the net was not as strong a hitter as the other 3, she also seemed a bit slower (not that the pace of the game was very fast) hence I came to the conclusion that she must have been a bit older then the others.

Life’s Good Moment

No matter who you are or how much experience and knowledge you may find you have, there will come a time when things will not go your way. And often when that happens we find ourselves blaming everything and everyone around us. If it happens that things just do not want to go your way, step back and try to observe the situation from the outside. In this ever evolving world of ours technologies and methods of doing things change continuously, so try to always be informed on new methods and seek to constantly improve old ones. If you do, Life can only be Good. Life’s Good.