The Game of KING

While growing up, we use to play a game called “KING”. if you have never played KING or have no idea what it is, it’s basically a game played in the street with a ball (Soccer Ball, Tennis ball, Basket Ball, Flat torn ball, etc) and involves 2 or 4 players each in a court/square. Basically the aim of the game is to make your way through the ranks starting at Loafer to Worker to President and then KING.

As you can basically deduce, KING is the highest, most sought after position in the game. And the KING generally has a bonus life in that if he is ‘Killed’ off in the game, he basically goes to Loafer and can make his way back from there. If loafer, Worker or President gets ‘killed’ off in the game, they join the “SOP LYN” which is the players waiting to join in the game. Growing up, this game was the cause of many ‘hard feelings’ and countless arguments, alliances and pressure. The longer the SOP LYN, the more intense the hard feelings when killed off by an opponent.

I recently found myself involved in a game of Real Life KING. Only this time, I failed to see the fun side to the game and got rather consumed by the wait in the “SOP LYN”. I felt rushed and frustrated to get on my merry journey to the coveted KING court and forgot the basics of the game I loved so much.

You see, part of the reason why the game of KING was such a popular pass time for countless kids in different neighbourhoods was the fact that it relied heavily on you as the individuals’ ability, and skill in dealing with the ball when it is played to you. Sure, different schools, streets, and neighbourhoods had their own variations and rules when playing the game of KING; but the basic principles remained the same:

  • form partnerships and alliances
  • deal with the different balls when played to you
  • Know the rules
  • Be patient when waiting in the SOP LYN
  • formulate a plan for when you get in the game..,

Life is like a game of KING. While we are all playing to make our way to our respective goals and achievements, we will need to deal with different players, balls, rules, and obstacles. Sometimes, the rules may change or not be what you are used to. Other times, the alliances formed are done so to keep you in the “SOP LYN”. It is important to identify your goals and ambitions, and determine what your plan of action will be when the ball gets played to you. Above all, give yourself time to enjoy the game and focus on getting better at the little things.

With hindsight as my greatest friend off late, I realized that many times while playing KING, I was my own worst enemy. Many times I would get so competitive in wanting to get to KING that I forgot that it’s all about the climb. You see, even if the LOAFER manages to ‘kill’ the KING, he does not automatically become KING. He merely gets promoted to WORKER while PRESIDENT becomes KING.

I am still playing the game, and I am still learning what I need to in order to get to have my reign. but I have learned to enjoy every kick, every set-back and every alliance for or against me. because these are the little things that make the game legendary in the end.

Stay lekkertjies and remember to enjoy Life mense.