The lost wallet

A cleaner working in a retail store found a wallet in one of the isles while going about her daily duties, she decided to temporarily trade in her mop and broom for a magnifying glass, notebook and pen and set about to solve the mystery of “the lost wallet”.

She set off through the shop and eventually ended up spotting a customer frantically going through her bag, she confidently walked up to the customer, convinced she had solved the mystery and said: “Good morning ma’am, perhaps looking for this” she said holding out the fat wallet. She waited for the sigh of relief or grateful smile to emerge on the customers face but instead saw the customer grab the wallet, pay and walk of arrogantly without a saying word.

Many times everyone looks at the high crime rate and corrupt members of parliament in the country and reason that police should be tougher on criminals, but perhaps we as citizens should adopt an attitude of acknowledging those that do good.
Let us adopt a culture of giving credit where its due and start acknowledging that little good left in our people, this little gesture might be the act that ultimately saves good nature from being extinct.