Till Death Do Us Part

Not even death can separate a brand from success. Thou Michael Jackson is long dead his name still manages to breathe life into different industries worldwide. Arguably he is now more alive then ever before, as people flock to see the “This is it” movie currently on show countrywide.

Many people, especially entrepreneurs fail to realize the importance of getting there name out there. They fail to understand that no matter how marvellous the product/service you offer, if no one knows about it or where to find it, it’s as worthless as a signed t-shirt from Robert Mugabe (whom himself is a super brand). They still follow the stereotypical view that to get your product/service out there you need a suitcase full of money and a well established business.

Thou the King of Pop has long stopped, the Michael Jackson Brand that has been build up over the years with countless scandals, negative publicity and heroic deeds still stand tall today. Prove of the fact that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Do people know about you/your company and what you have to offer?
If you can’t answer with a confident Yes then I think it is time you consult some specialist in the field of developing brands. To get people to know about you is a step in the right direction yes, but how do make sure that they never forget you, how do make sure you STAND OUT? Easy, just contact me