To The ONES That Got Away

I spent the weekend fishing with some family members. We had all the ingredients that constitutes for a perfect fishing trip. We arrived early and got right to it. In the first half hour we pulled out 3 fish and 4 “other creatures” and the day seemed well setup for a fishing frenzy, but after that things just got quiet. I suspect that all the fish went to school, coz the next couple of hours where dead quiet. We left late the afternoon with only 3 fish, our fishing rods and sunburn.

I realized that many times in life we also gear ourselves for success early on. Everything just takes of at the beginning and it looks as if nothing can stop us. Then suddenly the tide changes and things just start to slow down. Relationships get tired, friendships don’t last, business is slow, etc this is just evidence that “everything in life has a season”. What may be so successful and glorious today, may not be so tomorrow, that is why when things are going well, we should not become arrogant and boastful, but we should remain humble and decide to build bridges. What ever season you find yourself in, remember that the tide continually changes. So be prepared and content either way. LG (life’s Good)