Too Much of a Good Thing

After having had a flawless run during my final prep with the instructor, we arrived at the Traffic Department and a rush of emotions overwhelmed me. Questions mauled through my head and I struggled to get my thoughts in order before my test. The gig was up and off I went to do my test. I started with my parking and it went flawlessly as I only lost 7 points during my yard test and I decided that this is my time. Off I went to do the road test. During my lessons with my instructor, the single biggest problem I had was speed. I mean who drives 40km/h in a 40km/h zone, lol. None the lesson on the day I decided to do things by the book and I decided to take it easy and drive “cautiously”. I drove through all the different streets over the many different intersections my examiner requested and back to the department we went. Having made a couple of schoolboy errors along the way I was certain nothing was warrant enough for me to fail. I pulled in the yard certain that I am about to be presented with my driver license. The Examiner sits me down and gives me a long speech about some of my errors along the way and then goes on to tell me that it took me 5mins longer then it should have to complete the test hence I FAIL.

Life’s Good Moment
At times in our attempt to avoid past wrongs and mistakes, we decide to go thru life cautious and aware. We take the lessons we learn from past failures and use them as guidelines to guard us against getting hurt or failing again. While this seems all good and well to prevent past mistakes, it may become a platform for future ones. Many times we are over cautious which in turn hinders us from enjoying life. So, my challenge to you is simply to ease up a bit and enjoy the ride. You may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome,

Life’s Good