View over Height

My new found confidence led me to form wonderful friendships and meet incredible people, people I would otherwise not have met had I remained the introvert shy to be noticed. However, with the increase in confidence came the freedom to speak to members of the opposite sex. And that became the game changer for me.

As my time in high school drew to a close, I had managed to gain some favour with the ladies and unfortunately for me, it led me to neglect my school work. Which in turn resulted in me failing Math, which meant I did not meet the requirements needed to pursue my degree. A blow I was certain spelled the beginning of the end for me and my hopes to one day own my own Advertising Agency. Reluctantly, I enrolled at a FET College and pursued a Diploma instead. A journey that ended up taking me on a path of self-discovery, personal growth, and excellence.


Looking back, I am grateful as I have come to accept that if I had not failed mathematics, I would have ended up going to university. I would not have met the friends I have met, and I would not have been sitting here typing this post today. I doubt that I would have been able to start my own venture and do so well had I not gone to college, finished my qualification in 2 years, and accepted a job at a start-up Ad Agency. I would then not have worked on a Renewable Energy project, nor end up lecturing at the tender age of 24.


A number of things would have been different. Honestly speaking, would my life have been better off had I gone to university? Different maybe, but better? I am inclined to believe not.


Life’s Good Moment

Despite the ups and downs, failures and disappointment. Somehow, someday, it will all fall into place and make absolute sense. Until then, take heart, chin up and keep fighting and pushing forward. It is not the height but rather the view that ultimately matters. In this life you live, the ultimate beauty of your time will be judged based on the accomplishments. Not the adversaries.