Waking up

It’s been 17days since my last post, and to a certain extent, 17 days since I last had a real positive outlook on life. Having gone through some trying times at the office, accompanied by some interesting yet stressful developments in my personal life, I found myself in a dark pit that seemed to have been growing deeper and deeper the more I looked at it. However, my whole outlook was turned upside down after listening to a gentleman who seemed to have been around for many moons rambling on about how unnecessary it is to go through life looking as if you just ate a lemon. I was inspired by his positive approach to life. Even though he didn’t have anything in particular to show for his years, he seemed to have mastered the art of highlighting the LG moment. This was enough to get me back. As I reflected back on the past 3 weeks, I came to the realization that I was so caught up with all the “chaos” in my life that I failed to see the positive. Even though there were so many LG moments that presented it, I failed to see any of them. I felt like such a hypocrite, until I realized that this only makes me human. So even though he wont see this, I still wish to thank Stokkies* for making me realize this.

Life’s Good Moment
Life will never be all moon, sunshine and roses. Yes it will present us with a million opportunities to harness its beauty but equally so it will also throw a couple of ugly trials our way. Question is which ones do we allow to rule our lives. 17days and a bag of wasted energy later I can finally say with a smile on my face that LIFE’S GOOD. Thank you everyone