Walk then Talk

We were still a great deal away when I spotted them. All three
standing tall, each proudly attached to its blades as it cuts through
the air generating electricity. Even though I have been gathering
information and educating others on what I know about wind farms, turbines and renewable energy, I have never been at a wind farm or even seen a turbine until that moment. Seeing how big turbines really are and experiencing first hand what it feels like to stand inside helped put a lot of things in perspective for me.

Life’s Good moment.

Many times we think we know it all because we have heard or read a lot about a certain topic, issue or situation. We may feel that we know enough to educate others but the reality is that you will only be able to effectively do so once you have experienced it first hand. Yes at times it might be enough but generally it is only once you have experienced it first hand that you can really effectively reach others. Let us walk the walk first before
we talk about it.

Life’s Good