Walking the Line

Ever witnessed a drunken guy walking home? Well of course you have, may even have been you right. I witnessed one such person Sunday afternoon making his way down the street. The guy was so hell bent on walking the “straight line”, supposedly to keep him on track. I found it so interesting that regardless of the fact that he was wasted beyond words and was barely able to walk, he still managed to try and follow the imaginary line. And as it so often happens when following the “straight line” , it seems to just keep moving from left to right while the surroundings keep changing and turning. Well, my friend was walking his line, and as he came down the street doing his “2 step” he stopped. And in slow motion he swayed to the left… then to the right and took two steps forward and unfortunately walked straight into the lamp pole on the side of the road. He looked up at the pole and started swearing at the pole for being in his way. After finishing his little “run-in” with the pole, he carried on home following his line.

Life’s Good Moment
Many times we place “straight lines” in our lives to govern us. Lines in the form of standards or goals that we have decided will keep us on track. And at times these “lines” may sway from side to side and it may seem that life around us changes and “poles” miraculously jump in our way to knock us down. When it does, it might be a good time to stop and re-evaluate the situation. It could just be that life has not changed and the supposed stumbling blocks are actually not there to harm us but more to guide. Same as the pole that my drunken friend argued with is there to guide him home, the same way that “supposed stumbling block” may just be there to guide and help us on our way. So next time we come across a stumbling block…. Let us try to…. 1) Stop, 2) Re-evaluate and 3) Alter our strategy accordingly! When we do, life can only get better till eventually…. Life’s Good.

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