When it Rains…

The saying goes that “when it rains, it pours”, and as we are familiar with what it means, the truth of the matter is that it is not the actual pour that seems to get us down but more our reaction to the showers of trials soaking us.

I was privileged to have experienced quite a downpour of misfortune recently. I remember how while experiencing these showers of obstacles, it seemed to have weighed me down as I wanted to wish them away. Truth be told, light only emerged amidst the clouds once I decided to take everything in the stride and work on solutions as a pose to the problems. That helped me to deal with everything, but I still felt a little discouraged by it all. It was only once I consciously decided to not let the trials seem like their pouring that I was able to dance in the rain and actually enjoy dealing with them.

Life’s Good moment,
Yes, it tends to POUR when it Rains, but we will only truly start to enjoy dancing in the showers when we make peace with the fact that we will get wet along the way. And as soon we realize that life is not about avoiding issues or trials, but more about finding peace amidst them. We can master the art of playing in the rain even if it starts to POUR. Life’s Good… when you decide to believe it.

Elgee Davies