When Stars Don’t Align

Trust when it makes no sense
Believe when truth seems obscure. Holding on when there’s no bar.

stock image of engineering fail

How do you pray to a Father that seems silent to your pleas and deaf to your tears;
How do you trust in a Word, when the command is ambiguous and the road obscured;
How do you hold fast to a Word, when the prophecy is far-fetched and the philosophy perplexed.

In a moment when his promises seem inappropriate; and His yay void of Agreement;
Who do you rely on when all that was counted seem fraud, and all that was expected removed;
When all seems lost.
And the road seems erased; Still I will trust, Still, I will obey.

I will trust in His will
I will obey His way
I will submit to His call
I will honour His Devine
In His command I will walk, and in His promise, I will ravel

For You are my Rock
You are my Saviour
Your Word is Comfort
Your Promise is Just
Your purpose is warm,
and Your guidance is Love

Strengthen my legs to stand for your Righteousness
Reinforce my arms to uphold Yor Will
Mud my eyes that I may see You
Resurrect my dreams that my linen of doubt follow me like a trail of humility