Truly #StrongerTogether

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One Quote that gave us a glimpse into the mantra that changed a country.

With all the euphoria of winning the World Cup and hype around our Rainbow Nation being recognized as the best Rugby Team in the world, it becomes easy to get swept away with the feeling of “We have arrived”. And if we really think about it, it should be regarded as the ultimate goal. To win the World Cup, be ranked number 1 in the world, and to have that level of supremacy further recognized by boasting the Best Team Award, Best Coach and, Best Player all swooped up and neatly tucked under our belt. Interesting then to read an article in which Springbok Coach, Rassie Erasmus, is quoted as saying:

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Kick, If That Is Your Game-Plan

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Reading all the positive posts regarding the Springboks and particularly the performance of the boys in the final leaves me a little encouraged. It was less than 7 days ago that the entire Springbok team, and particular, Faf de Klerk was criticized for their game tactics and excessive kicking. To the amusement of many of us, the memes and jokes circulated across social media. Today, we salute the coaching staff, team, and in particular, Faf de Klerk for a job well done.

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Business Will Humble You

A while back I created a caption for this image saying: “just because I am on my knees does not mean I am down and out. It simply means I am getting ready to fly.”  I recently had to deal with two members of my team leaving the nest. A necessary and natural part of the business journey, but a painful and disruptive one at that. Though I am no stranger to the devastating effects of losing an employee in whom you have invested. I have discovered that I am a very slow learner at times. Spending a considerable amount of time training, refining and developing these individuals have proved to be both strenuous yet rewarding to both me and the business. Allow me to break it down somewhat in order for it to make sense. Read more